Shrimp processing and quality control

In its constant endeavors towards improving the quality of its shrimps, Wellcome Fisheries has established a quality control laboratory to ensure quality checks at different stages of processing such as landing centres, transportation, pre-processing,sorting, grading, filling, weighing, labelling, freezing, packing, storing & loading to refrigerated container.

Wellcome Fisheries Knows the key factor for success in frozen food business lines is in the maintenance of appropriate quality of the product. And it imposes strict regulations on quality standard and specifications for seafood export. Wellcome Fisheries harvest experts pick the first quality from the pond and immediately ice, pack and load them carefully into the insulated trucks which are then dispatched to the factory. 


Highly personalized service, commitment to the customer and professional drive, to introduce the latest and the best technology, have earned Wellcome Fisheriess a reputation as one of the leader in the world market. High calibered personnel, dedicated loyal workers and superior technology form Wellcome Fisheries framework for efficient production.

The filling of the boxes is always supervised; the selection criteria for the product are very strict so to ensure the classification, the respect of the size and number of shrimps in a box, the freshness, labeling (in accordance with the requirements of the importer).

At the end of the packing process a general check is made in the cold store; it comprises the visual control of the major quantity of boxes and aims to guarantee the freshness, weight, appropriate packing, good looking and labeling of our products.

Wellcome fisheries guarantee the quality of products and offers to you, from the catch to the arrival of the container to you.The production line is designed to ensure uninterrupted, smooth flow of raw materials through various stages that ultimately transform the raw materials into high quality finished products. The quality controller supervises the packing of the shrimps in the boxes ready to be frozen, so to be able to remove any defect not in accordance with our quality parameters.

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